Thursday, January 2, 2014

Scottish manchildren

With today's math test (easier than I thought thanks to only having to do 2 questions, obviously I opted for the easier one) done and dusted and tomorrow's UBER MEGA MINI-MATKONET in Science looking less and less threatening, I finally have some time to watch Doctor Who. I've already seen Season 1 a while back, so now I am finally starting Season 2 which is the first to feature David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

(sort-of spoiler alert for Doctor Who)
He is a Scottish manchild. I'm only 13 minutes into the first episode of Season 2 but what the heck? Tough n' badass Eccleston has been replaced with some Scottish guy who likes to lie in the grass and visit future hospitals with OMG CAT NURSES for recreational purposes? Just what did regenerating do to his mind? Is this why the Doctor killed all the other Time Lords and Daleks? Because after eight regenerations he's become a Captain Picard in First Contact Captain Ahab type? Actually in Season 1 when we 'first' meet a surviving Dalek the Dalek calls the Ninth Doctor out on his murderous rage by saying: "You would have made a good Daaaaa-lek (I love how the Daleks say their name!). Also, "Theeeee... Doctor? Exterminate! Exterminate! I'm told that the Daleks get overused later on in the series which I can understand since they're totally awesome. Except for the fact that they are albino giant squids in armor. Scratch that. That's exactly why they're awesome.  Whatever. A friend of mine who's watched all of Doctor Who (until next season in Autumn 2014) says he hated Tennant until he got used to him, so I'll just have to sign off on this post and find out what he's really like!
 Thought-Provoking Thought for today: Who watches the watchmen? Umm.... aliens?
Until next time, readers (yes, both of you!) and remember: the best defense is to run like hell.
Happy 2014!

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