Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Plate Runneth Over

So a little round-up of everything I'm reading and writing (or supposed to be) in this particular conjoining of time and space we like to call, in a very peculiarly human way, 'January 2014':

IT by Stephen King- finished last night. Review/random thoughts upcoming, tune in sometime this week to find out what I thought!
Asimov: The Unauthorized Life by Michael White- finished yesterday. Rather short but interesting. Fair warning: the author discusses Asimov's fine works in great detail, up to and including ending so SPOILER ALERT! To  be fair Asimov died in 1992 so it's hardly recent stuff. Looking forward to actually reading the Foundation series sometime rather than skimming as I did back in sixth grade or something when I 'read' the first two books.
The Blade Itself: The First Law #1 by Joe Abercrombie: Around 130 pages in, started on Thursday. Pretty good actually, I've heard it compared to the all-powerful A Song of Ice and Fire (read them ALL today- yes they're the 'Game of Thrones' books but obviously they're way better than the show. Fair warning: Once you've finished the fifth book which is the latest currently (seven are planned) you will, in all likelihood, froth at the mouth and be uncommunicative for several days. Repeat for each re-read until the next book comes out somewhere in the mists of time).
 Roads by Larry McMurtry: Interesting but a little unstructured. If you've read "Under the Dome" and remember the song they're always quoting in that book: "It's a small town son, and we all support the team", yes, James McMurtry who sings it is Larry's son.

ELIZABETH- short story for Paradox Books contest. About a guy during the Glorious Revolution who falls in love, gets it snatched away... and ends up changing history with a single shot. I do think I will do a different story in the end for the contest since this one... it's just a bit wishy washy. I will finish it though to comply with the second of Robert A. Heinlein's Four Rules of Writing, which is: "You Must Finish What You Write" (3,130 words at present)
THE CITY OF BLOOD- On hiatus. Need to do some short stories first. (24,034 words)
FINAL STORY FOR PARADOX BOOKS- no official title. Will probably end up submitting it to the contest. No words yet since it's not started.


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