Tuesday, April 29, 2014

In Blogus Oritum

I have returned. Look on my blog, ye mighty, and take hope.

So, my faithful readers, when not praying to the old gods and the new for my return, have you wondered: "What is the Lord of the Blog doing?"

Now you will know.

So in the interim I've written an 8,300+ word novelette entitled: "Once More Into Shadow" which is about a Bnei Akiva shevet who goes on a Shabbat Shevet... and it doesn't turn out well. I call it: "My Crystallization Part One". This is (INFODUMP ACTIVATE!) because it's my first story to which I am dumping everything I hate about the 'society' I live in- namely  teenage Jewish 'Dati Leumi' (National Religious) teens in Israel. In those stories, at least one of the protagonists is a guy like me, i.e. shy, introspective, bookish, has zero real success with girls, is surrounded by guys who are better-looking, have long, possibly deep talks with girls who actually text them first, etc. The sad thing is, they don't even really 'win' in either story, because that would be too sugary, etc.

I won't be posting Once More any time soon, since it's really in 0.75 draft because although I've gotten to the end, there are many things that need adding, clarifying, possibly removing before it works on any level as a story.

Which brings me to "Crystallization Part Two" which doesn't have a real title yet. But it does have a concept, that's for sure.

It's a story I've been meaning to do since September, around the time of last Rosh Hashana.

It's about, yes, you guessed, a teenage guy who's lonely, shy, introspective, et friggin' cetra. This time he's off on the Bnei Akiva Mahane Sayarim. For those who don't know, it's a "summer camp" Bnei Akiva has for the age group that's between 9th and 10th grade. It's held in the end of July, early August (at least it was last summer when I went) in Ein Zeitim (if I recall correctly). So I wouldn't exactly say it was a "traumatic" experience. I wasn't abused by anyone nor did I get any real injuries.

I just feel I have to talk about it. When I finish the first draft of "Crystallization Part Two" I'll post it here, and if you read it, I think you'll know why. And before you ask, no one really disappeared from our Mahane Sayarim to the best of my knowledge. You'll have to dig deeper (if not too much deeper) to find out.

See you guys soon!

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