Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ramblings and Nocturnes

So yeah, I am officially a blogger, committing my writing to the ever-extending shadow empire of Google this time cowering behind the name ''.

Shabbat is over, and the coming week, which will include as the main attraction the world premiere of '2014: The Latest Chapter in the (hopefully) Never-Ending Saga of Your Life!' this Wednesday, is looming like a bear. Here in Israel it's called the Silvester because apparently it's the feast day of St. Silvester, who as the rabbis and other such moral watchdogs never tire of pointing out, seems to have been yet another ancient and more importantly, anti-Semitic Pope.

Nobody cares.

Personally if I had to organize my own 'Silvester' party I would force everyone to put on a cat costume at the door  and once inside hunt for a single, ever-elusive bird that will be invisible due to complete darkness in the house to represent the infinite blindness of the human race. The first to catch the bird will be admitted to the year 2014. The rest will be frozen in time until a WB executive takes pity and decides to 'reboot' Tweety and Silvester. However, only the first one to be cast as Silvester will be unfrozen. Although, we will have some pity on the remaining human Popsicles and allow them to go see the movie once it's released.

Too bad they'll never note the difference.

Anyway, so I'm "working" on a short story for the Paradox Short Story Contest 2014 (details here: It has to be based on alternate history that diverged from our own between 1444 and 1821, the time period in which Europa Universalis IV, Paradox's flagship game, is set. My story is going to be about Sir John Wrexham, a (fictional) English gentleman who inadvertently kills William III after his coronation and sparks a civil war between supporters of William's widow, Mary, and her father James II. The story is more about how this came about rather than the consequences, which I'm not sure is what Paradox is looking for. The winners (three best stories) will be published in an alternate history anthology sometime in 2014, alongside my one-time idol, Harry Turtledove and recieve some money. Some have called Turtledove  'the Master of alternate history' and I can't really disagree. The Southern Victory series was great for its epicness (11 whole books!)  and In the Presence of Mine Enemies was cool especially since I'm Jewish and can sort of understand. Hopefully I'll be worthy of sharing an anthology with him.

It's ten minutes to eleven PM now, so I guess it's time to sign off. This week brings with it many things: on Monday a lashon test, on Thursday in Math. The good news is that I can no longer say "and worst of all, winter is coming" since it is, by the reckoning of the Middle East, already here. But hopefully I will soon be able to write again and bring to you as my main feature after this directionless post a review of "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" and if you're really lucky, an excerpt from "Elizabeth", my story for the anthology.

Good night, shavua tov from the Holy Land, and don't forget: when all seems darkest, bring a flashlight.

Good night.

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